Who we are

We are a company specialized in the commercialization and development of wine and beverage brands: spirits, organic soft drinks and liqueurs belonging to the main Spanish designations of origin. We are a young, dynamic company with a committed team. We are passionate about this world and, yes, we can say that we love what we do.

That is why we work on continuous improvement, with ambitious objectives and the best human resources, creating solid and ethical relationships based on trust with our customers and partners. And, of course, we are a company of our time, committed to environmental initiatives and responsible consumption.

CASALBOR Manifesto


We are a company in constant growth, development and dynamism. With an entrepreneurial spirit that markets, cares for and promotes beverage brands.


To be a relevant, modern, innovative and disruptive marketer, with a proposal adapted to the current market, new distribution channels and new technologies. A company with a soul, which makes the brands it markets its own. Focused on both representative and volume brands and recognizable for its capacity and commitment to their creation and development.


We love what we do. We work on continuous improvement, with ambitious but realistic objectives and the best human resources. We maintain solid and ethical relationships based on trust with our customers. We are committed to responsible consumption.

Innovation and tradition

We are demanding when it comes to quality and the combination of innovation and tradition. We work every day to offer a personalized service and a different experience to our customers.

We are a center of experimentation and a laboratory of ideas. We can do things that the big players in the sector cannot.

We have a wealth of experience in the wine and beverage marketing sector and with extensive representation in all channels in Spain and Mexico.

CSB is:

We seek relationships of trust with our clients.

We offer a team with extensive experience.

We have knowledge of the market and heritage of a long tradition.

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